Impact of the Anti Terrorism Act Implementation to the Enjoyment of the Right to Privacy.

 INTRODUCTION    The Ugandan government is one of the several countries in Africa, which has vocally sought to respond to the perceived rise in terror threats in the region, by enacting anti-terror legislations in recent years, along with Nigeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tunisia. In 2002 Uganda enacted an...

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Unlawful SIM Card Validation Exercise Is A Threat To Anonymity And Privacy

INTRODUCTION The Uganda government through its agencies has for years focused on curtailing expression platforms such as assemblies and the traditional media spaces, as documented by Human Rights Watch report in 2015. As a result, citizens are shifting to the online space to express themselves, particularly using Internet enabled...

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SHRINKING CIVIC POLITICAL SPACE; Government Seeks To Amend the Anti-Terrorism Act to target civil society foreign funding. Kampala, 08th/01/2016; Barely six months after the Anti Terrorism Act, 2002 was amended the government is plotting to amend the same law targeting how civil society organizations attract funds. In a move...

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