Why Kampala administration cannot survive without spyware technologies

By the Unwanted Witness Uganda has experienced decades of civil strives especially as a result of power struggling during regime change. This greatly jeopardized the security of the country and individuals. For almost thirty years now since the overthrow of the Obote government by the National Resistance Army in...

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Internet.org to Africa; it will promote interests of inventor and endanger citizens lives.

By the Unwanted Witness When Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook announced the launch of internet.org on 21st August 2013, such a development was seen as a change maker in the sector and brought smiles on faces of many citizens in Africa. A continent with the highest...

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Use of Secret Surveillance in Uganda is Unjust.

PRESS STATEMENT Kampala, 16/October/2015, Unwanted Witness Uganda is welcoming the new investigative report revealing the government of Uganda’s grand ambitions of secret surveillance. The report released by Privacy International in UK titled “For God and My President” highlights the various actions that were undertaken by the various security agencies to install and infiltrate communication...

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Ugandan government deployed FinFisher spyware to ‘crush’ opposition, track elected officials and media in secret operation during post-election protests, documents reveal

Privacy International’s new report, For God and My President: State Surveillance in Uganda, exposes the secret surveillance operation and the government’s attempts to buy further powerful surveillance tools, including a national communications monitoring centre and intrusion malware, in the absence of a rigorous legal framework governing communications surveillance. The report traces...

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Uganda’s grand ambitions of secret surveillance

  BREAKING: FOR GOD & MY PRESIDENT “We are saddened by these findings and we demand that the Kampala government should come out to explain why it is resorting to secret surveillance when citizens are yearning for service delivery with some starving to death. It’s a shame our leaders...

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