PRIVACY SYMPOSIUM is a platform about privacy and data protection. Originally held in 2019 by the Unwanted Witness to attract, present, and discuss original research results and technology developments related to personal data protection and privacy. The symposium aims at promoting dialogue, cooperation, and knowledge sharing on data protection and compliance.

PRIVACY SYMPOSIUM offers the cutting edge in legal, regulatory, academic and technological development in privacy and data protection. In an atmosphere of independence and mutual respect, PRIVACY SYMPOSIUM gathers academics, lawyers, policy-makers, computer scientists and civil society from all around the nation, regional and international - to exchange ideas and discuss the latest emerging technological issues and trends. This unique multidisciplinary formula has served to make PRIVACY SYMPOSIUM one of the leading data protection and privacy platform in Uganda and the region.

The progressive growth of PRIVACY SYMPOSIUM has culminated in an unprecedented 3rd edition. A terrific programme with panel discussions that will focus on key issues that cover all current debates: The data protection full legal regime, Data protection as a way to gain customer trust and transparency, Surveillance using smart cities, Consent during data collection, data retention, enforcement by data regulator, and privacy by design.

The PRIVACY SYMPOSIUM will also continue to pay particular attention to high-level and innovative research by organizing sessions completely devoted to their innovation. And much, much more.

The inaugural Privacy Scorecard Report that seeks to encourage data collectors/processors adopt data protection best practices, as well as empower citizens in Uganda to demand for information pertaining to how their personal data is collected, what it is used for and who it is shared with, will be released. At the same time recognise data collectors/processors that have complied with data protection laws and best practices.


Data protection authorities and officials, academics, Civil Society Organisations, business firms, magistrates, barristers, legal consultants, representatives of ICT and security companies, etc.

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