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Our Digital Inclusion and Innovation Program is a comprehensive initiative aimed at promoting digital inclusion and innovation in Uganda and beyond. We recognize the importance of digital technologies for social and economic development and seek to bridge the digital divide that exists in many communities. Through our efforts, we aim to increase access to digital technologies, promote the use of digital platforms for community engagement and economic growth, and foster innovation in the digital space.

We recognize that digital exclusion can exacerbate existing social and economic inequalities, and are committed to promoting equitable access to digital technologies for all. By bridging the digital divide, increasing access to digital technologies, and fostering innovation in the digital space, we are helping to create a more equitable and sustainable future for all.



Digital Skills Training

We provide digital skills training to individuals and communities that lack access to digital technologies or have limited digital literacy. The organization collaborates with local communities and human rights defenders to provide these workshops

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We work to increase access to digital technologies, including internet access, websites and ICT tools. This includes donations of ICT equipment such as computers and internet routers.
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Digital Rights Awareness

We promote awareness and advocacy for digital rights among marginalized communities, including women, youth, and people with disabilities. Unwanted Witness Uganda provides information on digital rights and freedoms and works to empower individuals to assert their digital rights.
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The cyber security program of Unwanted Witness consists of several components, including awareness-raising campaigns, capacity-building workshops, and advocacy for stronger laws and policies on cyber security. One of the key focuses of the program is to empower vulnerable groups such as women, children, journalists, and human rights defenders to use digital tools safely and securely.
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Online Gender Based Violence

Unwanted Witness recognizes the need to address the alarming rates of online gender-based violence (GBV) against women and girls. The organization's program on online GBV aims to raise awareness about the issue, provide support to victims, and advocate for policy and legal reforms that address online GBV. By tackling this pervasive issue, Unwanted Witness is striving towards a future where women and girls can fully participate in the digital age without fear of harassment, intimidation, or violence.
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Open Digital Tools (ODT)

This program seeks to develop state-of-the-art digital tools for vulnerable communities in Africa. The program uses findings from research and surveys throughout the continent to identify the most common problems vulnerable communities face and devise technology solutions to solve these challenges.
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Research and Documentation

As part of our mission, we conduct thorough research on internet governance and related topics to better understand the digital landscape and identify areas of concern. We collect data and information on digital rights violations, such as online censorship, surveillance, and harassment, and analyze this data to gain insight into the state of digital rights in Uganda. We use research findings to advocate for change and push for policy and legal reforms that protect digital rights and promote a free, open, and inclusive digital space for all.
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