Launched in 2021, the Open Digital Tools (ODT) program seeks to develop state of art digital tools for the vulnerable communities in Africa. The program uses findings from research and surveys carried out throughout the continent to identify the most common problems faced by vulnerable communities and devise technology solutions to solve these challenges.

1. Project Name: NetDAN
About the Project

Internet blockage and shutdowns such as the introduction of taxes on Over The Top (OTT) services like social media websites have further deepened the exclusion of PWDs from accessing the internet thereby widening the digital divide. Furthermore, internet shutdown devastates the lives of marginalised groups like PWDs who are already struggling with high costs of digital gadgets such as phones and assistive tools. The use of computer assistive technology has given visually impaired people ever-expanding opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Network Disruptions Audio Notifier (NetDAN) is an assistive tool developed for the blind. The assistive tool audibly notifies the visually impaired persons and the blind about internet censorship or blockages in the country as well as providing audio guidelines on how to circumvent the internet blockages. The tool can be accessed through on the internet by visiting the website or through calling the toll free number (+256 800 113 269 )

2.Project: Amplified
About the Project

Access to information is a fundamental right in this digital era, many civil society organizations produce a lot of vital information that the rest of the public can consume for the betterment of the communities. The challenge is that most CSOs don’t have financial and technical means to publish this information on the internet. The Amplified project seeks to design and develop websites for the grass-roots civil society organizations. Additionally, the CSOs are trained to effectively use these platforms and also attain digital security skills and knowledge.


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