The evolving tech landscape has highlighted the relevance of internet connectivity and platforms like websites and social media pages in accessing relevant information. Connectivity is more important than ever and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic the world’s reliance on internet platforms to access critical information, services and opportunities has never been greater. The ‘Amplified’ project seeks to promote inclusiveness, civil and social rights, and fundamental liberties among women, persons with disabilities, youths, older persons, faith-based groups, and the wider community in Eastern Uganda.


1. Design and develop websites for organisations that advocate for the rights of marginalized communities to amplify their voices and raise awareness of their causes.

2. Provide training to effectively use these platforms: In addition to website development, the project seeks to empower CSOs with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage their online platforms. This includes training on how to create and manage website content, optimize user experience, and engage with their audience through social media and other digital channels.

3. Provide digital security skills and knowledge: As part of the training, the project we equip marginalised communities with digital security skills and knowledge to protect themselves and their audiences from cyber threats. This includes education on online safety, privacy protection, data security, and secure communication practices to ensure that they can operate safely and effectively in the digital space.


1. ICT Tools such as Internet routers, one computer set (desktop), and internet data.
2. A website that comes with;
a. Annually paid domain name
b. Annually paid hosting plan
c. Yearly Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate
3. Social media accounts set up on; Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram.
4. Capacity building to equip the staff of the beneficiaries with skills and knowledge on how to use the websites and ICT tools to carry out digital advocacy.


Amplified 2023 Digital Inclusion in Eastern Uganda

Eastern Uganda

Under this phase, we targeted PWD organisations operating in Eastern Uganda
Amplified Rwenzori Region

Rwenzori Region

The 2022 Amplified project sought to promote digital inclusiveness among CBOs in the Rwenzori region