Our Promise

What drives us?

Our promise is to relentlessly defend digital rights, advocate for online freedom, and safeguard privacy in the digital age. We are committed to empowering individuals with knowledge and tools to protect themselves online, while also holding institutions accountable for respecting human rights in the digital sphere.

Through impactful initiatives, legal advocacy, and awareness campaigns, we strive to create an environment where every individual can freely express themselves, access information, and participate in the digital world without fear or discrimination.




Together, we foster lasting change for communities facing vulnerability in the digital realm.





people have been impacted by our work

marginalised people have been trained to access and use the internet

people trained on data protection and privacy

organisations supported with computers for digital advocacy

Impact Metrics


  • "The 'Amplified' project by Unwanted Witness has been a game-changer. With access to computers, websites, and internet data, we can now raise our voices effectively and advocate for our community's needs. This support has transformed our digital engagement, allowing us to connect with allies and decision-makers like never before. We are truly grateful for Unwanted Witness' dedication to empowering vulnerable communities like ours."
    Jolly Mbambu
    Center for Gender Equality
  • "Tosilika, the empowering project by Unwanted Witness, has been a true source of strength and courage for me. As a woman facing online violence, I felt silenced and isolated, but this initiative changed everything. Through Tosilika, I learned to speak up and report the cases of online violence against women fearlessly."
    Noeline Nankya
  • "Participating in Unwanted Witness' Privacy Moot Court was an eye-opening experience that shaped my legal journey. The opportunity to delve into real-world digital privacy issues and advocate for stronger protections has been invaluable. Thanks to Unwanted Witness, I now feel more equipped than ever to champion digital rights and defend online privacy for all."
    Jonathan Areeba

Impact Stories


If you have any questions, ideas, or would like to collaborate with Unwanted Witness, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Together, we can build a digital world that respects and protects the rights of every individual.