Today, both our work and personal lives have moved online. Meanwhile, the significant increase in cyber-attacks, data theft, and the commodification of user data has given rise to concerns about the regulation around data privacy and protection. The Data Protection and Privacy Act 2019 regulates the collection and processing of data, restricting the illicit utilisation or mishandling of personal information by creating a legal environment of fairness, security, accuracy, and accountability in dealing with data.

In the immediate future, organizations will need ‘privacy professionals’ to ensure compliance with these regulations. This opens new roles for budding legal professionals such as data protection officers, chief privacy officers, privacy lawyers, or those working with the regulatory bodies or government authorities to carry out data protection implementation, advisory, or audit.

To that end, Unwanted Witness will hold its inaugural moot Court Competition on Privacy; specifically Article 27 of the Ugandan Constitution in a bid to train young legal professionals with expert knowledge of data protection laws, policies and regulations and to further develop their oral, written, analytical, logical, and legal technological skills necessary for this growing sector.


Teams shall register for the competition on or before 23:59 Hours 30th July 2022 using the form below. NOTE: Don't forget to submit the letter from the Department/College DEAN. Registration for this moot court competition is completely free of charge.

Privacy Policy

In the course of completing this registration form, you have provided information about yourself (‘personal data’). We (Unwanted Witness Uganda ) are the ‘data controller’ for this information, which means we decide how to use it and are responsible for looking after it in accordance with the Data Protection and Privacy Act,2019 and associated data protection legislation.

Unwanted Witness Uganda fully respects your right to privacy, and will not collect, process or publish any personal data about you other than as set out in this privacy policy. Any personal information, which you provide to Unwanted Witness will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality, strictly in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

How we use your data

We will use your data to: register you as a member of a team, a judge, an observer or a member or an observer on our online social media platforms.
We need to process your data for this purpose in order to verify that you are eligible to take part in the Unwanted Witness Inter-University Privacy Moot Court Competition 2022, to notify you about all necessary information in regard to Unwanted Witness Inter-University Privacy Moot Court Competition 2022. Without information such as name, email, current degree and other information specified in the registration form that applies to your role, we are unable to ensure that you have all necessary information to allow you to fully participate in the Unwanted Witness Inter-University Privacy Moot Court Competition 2022.
Additionally, we are processing your data for these purposes only because you have given us your consent to do so by agreeing to this Privacy Policy, when completing the registration form. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at . In this event, we will stop the processing as soon as we can. However, this will not affect the lawfulness of any processing carried out before your withdrawal of consent.
We will only use your data for the purposes for which we collected it, unless we reasonably consider that we need to use it for another related reason and that reason is compatible with the original purpose. If we need to use your data for an unrelated purpose, we will seek your consent to use it for that new purpose.

Who has access to your data?

Access to your data held by Unwanted Witness will be provided to those who need to view it as part of their work in carrying out the purposes described above.
We may share your data with other institutions and companies who provide services to us, such as for printing purposes and guest lists at venues. These institutions and companies are required to take appropriate security measures to protect your data in line with our policies. We do not allow them to use your data for their own purposes. We permit them to process your data only for specified purposes and in accordance with our instructions.
Where there is a need to share your data with a third party, we will first seek your consent to do so.

Retaining your data

We will only retain your data for as long as we need it to meet our purposes, including any relating to legal, accounting, or reporting requirements. However, that period is never longer than one year from when the data are submitted.


Your data will be held securely in accordance with the Unwanted Witness’s policies and procedures. Further information is available on the Unwanted Witness website:

Where we store and use your data

We store and use your data on Unwanted Witness Uganda’s physical address: Block381, Plot N0.26, and Nsibambi Village.

Online-based Audio and Video Conferences (Conference tools)

We use online conference tools, among other things, for communication with the participating teams and judges. If you communicate with us by video or audio conference using the Internet, your personal data will be collected and processed by the provider of the respective conference tool and by us. The conferencing tools collect all information that you provide/access to use the tools (email address and/or your phone number). Furthermore, the conference tools process the duration of the conference, start and end (time) of participation in the conference, number of participants and other “context information” related to the communication process (metadata).
Furthermore, the provider of the tool processes all the technical data required for the processing of the online communication. This includes, in particular, IP addresses, MAC addresses, device IDs, device type, operating system type and version, client version, camera type, microphone or loudspeaker and the type of connection. Should content be exchanged, uploaded, or otherwise made available within the tool, it is also stored on the servers of the tool provider. Such content includes, but is not limited to, cloud recordings, chat/ instant messages, voicemail uploaded photos and videos, files, whiteboards, and other information shared while using the service.
Please note that we do not have complete influence on the data processing procedures of the tools used. Our possibilities are largely determined by the corporate policy of the respective provider. Further information on data processing by the conference tools can be found in the data protection declarations of the tools used, and which we have listed below this text.

Conference tools used
We employ the following conference tools:

How can you access your personal data, verify its accuracy and, if necessary, correct it?
You have a right to access your personal data, and request correction of inaccurate, or deletion of irrelevant personal data. When you submit your application, an e-mail confirmation is sent to your e-mail address. Furthermore, you may also exercise the above-mentioned rights by contacting:

The competition will be conducted on;
a) 3rd October 2022 (First round),
b) 5th October 2022 (Semi-final),
c) 7th October 2022 (Grand Finale).


Only students of a law enrolled in a four-year’s undergraduate law program in a University in Uganda are eligible to register for the competition.

Plagiarism and Scouting

Plagiarism and scouting of any manner are strictly prohibited and teams or any member thereof found indulging in the same shall be disqualified from further participation.


During the oral rounds of the competition, teams shall refrain from disclosing their personal names or the names of their academic institutions.