Expert-led Boot Camp Equips Law Students for the Upcoming Unwanted Witness Privacy Moot Court Competition 2023

Attendee following the Boot camp on Zoom

Photo: A participant listening to a facilitator during the boot camp

Today, the 28th of April 2023, Unwanted Witness hosted a virtual boot camp training for the participants of the Unwanted Privacy Moot Court Competition 2023. The training commenced at 10:00 am and attracted attendees from several Universities in Uganda, with an impressive turnout of nearly 80 participants. Esteemed legal and privacy experts shared their extensive knowledge and provided valuable training to equip the participants with insightful guidance.

The boot camp served as a preparatory training ground for the annual Competition, which seeks to provide law students with a platform to engage in critical thinking, legal reasoning, and advocacy skills in data protection and privacy.

The boot camp was moderated by experienced legal practitioners, human rights activists, and academics who are not only knowledgeable in the field of data protection, privacy, and human rights but also have experience in participating and presiding over several moot court competitions. It included sessions such as memorial writing by Julian Kisakye and the art of oral presentation by Brian Alex Kiira. Additionally, Edline Eva Murungi and Elijah shared their experiences from the different moots they participated in.  Isaac Matovu, the Business and Human Rights Lead at Unwanted Witness gave a brief overview of the Tally Center System of the UW Privacy Moot Competition 2023.

“As you prepare for the Unwanted Privacy Moot Court Competition, remember that your appearance and body language play a crucial role in how you communicate. Dress appropriately and be intentional with your words. When addressing a high court judge, remember they are referred to as Lords, but never as ‘your worship’. Remember to have your facts and authorities in order. Winning a case requires both strong arguments and a professional demeanour.”  Says Brian Kiira

Julianna Kisakye advised the participants to avoid plagiarism “As you craft your memorial for the Unwanted Privacy Moot Court Competition, remember to avoid plagiarism at all costs. Passing off someone else’s opinions as your own is not only unethical, but it can also cost you valuable points in the competition. Take the time to research and analyze the relevant legal authorities and present your own original arguments. Your memorial is a reflection of your legal skills and intellectual capacity, so make it count.” – she says.

According to Allan Sempala Kigozi the Head Legal and Head of Programs at Unwanted Witness, the winning team for this year’s Privacy Moot competition will not only win a prize of two million Ugandan Shillings and the coveted trophy but also win a trip to Mauritius to attend the Privacy Symposium Africa 2023

“I would also like to take this opportunity to highlight the exciting prize for this year’s winning duo. The winners will not only receive a coveted trophy but also a cash prize of 2 million Ugandan shillings and a fully paid trip to Port Louis-Mauritius to attend the 5th Privacy Symposium Africa. This is a unique opportunity for the winners to network with privacy experts, attend informative sessions, and gain further insights into the current privacy landscape across Africa. ” Says Allan Sempala Kigozi.

The participants were also given an overview of the hypothetical question developed by Unwanted Witness

According to the Head of Programs at Unwanted Witness, Mr Sempala Allan Kigozi, the moot considers this case because it raises legal and ethical issues relating to data privacy, surveillance, and state power. He added that the case also raises concerns about the legitimacy of the contracting process, the competency of the contractor, and the safety and security of the data collected.

Grace Bagaya, one of the attendees of the boot camp said the session on the advantages of mooting was so helpful. “I have learnt that through mooting, one gain not only the ability to argue convincingly but also the invaluable skill of listening attentively. “says Grace Bagaya

“The Boot Camp was an excellent opportunity to learn from the best in the legal profession. The sessions were engaging and interactive, with the experts encouraging participation and questions from the participants. I appreciated the emphasis on memorial writing and I learned so much about how to present a compelling argument in front of a judge. “says Mugeserwa Mark Martin

This year’s moot competition is held under the theme “Balancing Privacy Rights and National Security: Navigating the Impact of Surveillance Laws on Individual Freedoms.”

This year’s privacy moot has a larger participation of fifteen Ugandan universities compared to last year’s privacy moot which only had eight universities participating.

The Unwanted Witness Privacy Moot Court Competition is scheduled to take place for two days on the 21st and 22nd of September, 2023 at Makerere University Law School, and promises to be a highly anticipated event.