Press Release: Revealing Privacy Gaps: Unwanted Witness Exposes Transparency Crisis, Explores Regulators’ Role in Latest Scorecard

Kampala, 22nd January 2024

In an electrifying revelation, Unwanted Witness exposes a transparency crisis surrounding citizen data in African countries, despite the adoption of data protection laws. The 3rd edition of the Privacy Scorecard Report uncovers legislative non-compliance fueled by institutional dependence, low public awareness, and under-resourced data protection authorities facing powerful data collectors.

The report is a precursor to the world International Data Privacy Day celebrated every January 28. This year’s International Data Privacy Day is themed “Take Control of Your Privacy.”

Departing significantly from previous editions, this report not only delves into data collectors’ compliance but meticulously examines regulators’ roles in regulating data privacy, assessing their capacity and independence.

The report was first unveiled during the 5th Privacy Symposium Africa in Mauritius, the Privacy Scorecard Report remains a critical tool for evaluating how policies in both private and public sectors impact user privacy rights. Rooted in local data protection laws and internationally accepted principles, this evaluation sheds light on a pressing transparency crisis.

The Privacy Scorecard’s evolution spans three comprehensive reviews, with the latest edition encompassing Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Uganda. Assessing 48 entities across 6 sectors against 6 indicators, the report offers critical insights into the state of data privacy.

Key findings indicate persistent challenges, with overall compliance remaining below 50% across the three reviews – 35% (2021), 45.5% (2022), and 47.3% (2023). While improvements in areas like accessible policies and informed consent were noted, the assessments exposed concerning variations and low compliance in data collection and third-party data transfers.

Ms. Dorothy Mukasa, Executive Director of Unwanted Witness, emphasized the report’s pivotal role in empowering users and championing transparency in data handling.

“The Privacy Scorecard Report serves as a crucial tool in our mission to catalyze continuous improvement in safeguarding individuals’ privacy,” she declared.

Ms. Freda Nalumansi-Mugambe, Head of Research at Unwanted Witness, highlighted both areas of excellence and identified necessary improvements. “With the 3rd edition, we aim to spark collaborative efforts to elevate data privacy practices globally,” she remarked.

In response to the report’s findings, Unwanted Witness issues a resounding call for companies to prioritize robust data security, accountability, and transparency. The organization urges governments to fortify regulatory frameworks, ensuring effective oversight and cultivating responsible data handling.

Discover the detailed revelations shaping the future of data privacy in the Privacy Scorecard Report, available on the Unwanted Witness website at Uncover the truths that will redefine the landscape of data privacy.

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