Ugandan Security Agencies Must Desist From Curtailing Internet Freedom

Kampala; 28th August, 2018; Unwanted Witness-Uganda, is deeply concerned by the repetitive threats being issued by different security agencies targeting dissenting opinions on the Internet following the arrest and torture of Hon. Robert Kyagulyanyi Ssentamu and 33 opposition politicians ahead of a by-election in Arua district, North Western region...

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UN Council Reaffirms Online Rights and Freedoms

Kampala, 17th /08/2018; The Unwanted Witness Uganda welcomes the United Nations Human Rights Council resolution reaffirming partner states’ obligations towards observing online rights and freedoms of citizens. The UN 38th Council session that sat in Geneva last month renewed its resolve to demand states and the business sector to...

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Cyber Laws Cloaked under National Security have created fertile ground for arbitrary violation of Internet Freedom.

Kampala, 31st/07/2018; A new report by Unwanted Witness Uganda is raising concerns about the increased enactment and application of restrictive laws disguised as protecting public order to unlawfully infringe on fundamental freedom online by different government agencies in Uganda. According to the report titled ‘An open free, and secure...

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Ucc’s Ban On Airtme Scratch Cards Threatens Free Access To Information

Kampala, July 24th  2018; Ugandan media is a washed with concerns of scratch card phase out as the deadline of July 31st 2018 set by Uganda Communications Commission roams. The decision calls for a far-reaching concern, and regarded as a threat to the growing access to information  levels in...

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President Museveni’s Unlawful Surveillance Plot Will Endanger More Lives.

Kampala, 21/06/2018; Unwanted Witness Uganda is concerned about President Yoweri Museveni’s new surveillance plan without a comprehensive data protection law, cautioning that if implemented more lives will be endangered. The surveillance plan follows spate of kidnaps and murders by unknown assailants in the country. Delivering the government’s security plan...

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Internet Freedoms and Right to Privacy; targeted as Ucc directs blockage to unregistered online publishers

Kampala, 27th/04/2018; the Unwanted Witness Uganda is saddened by the apparent illegal efforts to curtail online freedoms through surveillance and communication censorship by the regulator facing credibility and independence challenges. The current actions by Uganda Communications Commission suggest overlooking its overall obligation to safeguard citizens’ online freedoms and instead...

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UCC’s directives are illegal and do not cure the existing capacity and legal gaps in telecom regulation and data protection

Kampala, March 12th, 2018; Unwanted Witness Uganda condemns the illegal directives issued by Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) that are meant to easily facilitate phone monitoring and surveillance with total disregard to citizens’ right to privacy and anonymity.   The recent move by UCC to have all telecom operators install...

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Unwanted Witness Condemns the Use of Mobile Phones to commit Crime and Calls for Dialogue among Stakeholders.

Unwanted Witness Condemns the Use of Mobile Phones to commit Crime and Calls for Dialogue among Stakeholders. Kampala, 1st/03/2018; the Unwanted Witness regrets the discoordination among different government agencies and private telecommunication service providers involved in the SIM card registration exercise which has resulted in the loss of lives...

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UCC Must Be Held Liable For Compromising Citizens’ Anonymous Communication Leading To Increasing SIM Card Hacking In The Country, Says Unwanted Witness

Kampala, 16th/02/2018; the Unwanted Witness Uganda wants Uganda Communication Commission to account for the increasing SIM Card hacking currently being experienced by Ugandans after the regulator enforced mandatory SIM card registration and verification of SIM cards against the National Identification and Registration Authority database, without a data protection law....

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