UCC’s directives are illegal and do not cure the existing capacity and legal gaps in telecom regulation and data protection

Kampala, March 12th, 2018; Unwanted Witness Uganda condemns the illegal directives issued by Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) that are meant to easily facilitate phone monitoring and surveillance with total disregard to citizens’ right to privacy and anonymity.   The recent move by UCC to have all telecom operators install...

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Unwanted Witness Condemns the Use of Mobile Phones to commit Crime and Calls for Dialogue among Stakeholders.

Unwanted Witness Condemns the Use of Mobile Phones to commit Crime and Calls for Dialogue among Stakeholders. Kampala, 1st/03/2018; the Unwanted Witness regrets the discoordination among different government agencies and private telecommunication service providers involved in the SIM card registration exercise which has resulted in the loss of lives...

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UCC Must Be Held Liable For Compromising Citizens’ Anonymous Communication Leading To Increasing SIM Card Hacking In The Country, Says Unwanted Witness

Kampala, 16th/02/2018; the Unwanted Witness Uganda wants Uganda Communication Commission to account for the increasing SIM Card hacking currently being experienced by Ugandans after the regulator enforced mandatory SIM card registration and verification of SIM cards against the National Identification and Registration Authority database, without a data protection law....

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Uganda’s Internet is increasingly getting controlled and criminalized; Over 25 Internet users are on trial for online expression.

Kampala, 18th January 2018, As Uganda joins the rest of the world to commemorate Internet Freedom Day; Unwanted Witness is saddened by the increasing criminalization and control of the Internet by Ugandan government, which has resulted into increased stifling of internet users’ fundamental freedoms and rights.   This contravenes...

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Unwanted Witness Condemns Security’s Forceful Acquisition of Computer, Phone and email Passwords of Detained Journalists.

Kampala 28/November/2017, the Unwanted Witness Uganda condemns security agencies’ illegal acquisition of communication passwords for detained Red Pepper directors and editors as a gross violation of their right to privacy and Jeopardizes source protection. While it is the duty of Uganda’s security agencies to respect and protect human rights...

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Unwanted Witness demands that UCC Outcomes of MTN Uganda’s Review process public.

Kampala 27/October/2017, the Unwanted Witness Uganda commends the telecommunication regulator, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) for involving consumers during MTN Uganda’s license review process but demands that consumers’ views are made public, respected and used to influence the review process. Unwanted Witness is concerned that while section 5 (e) of...

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Unwanted Witness-Uganda Condemns Government’s Open Surveillance Which is an Infringement on Citizens’ Privacy.

Kampala; 22nd September, 2017; Unwanted Witness-Uganda, is deeply troubled by the extreme invasion of both personal and institutional data and privacy of NGOs and their staff members by Ugandan security agencies. On 20th September 2017, the police personnel armed to the teeth sieged offices of two Non-governmental organizations namely;...

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UCC’s Internet censorship Letter is intended to kill the Internet,

Kampala, September 15th, 2017; Unwanted Witness Uganda is concerned about an orchestrated move by the telecommunications regulator, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to interfere with citizens’ freedom of expression online whenever the country is involved in a democratic exercise and debates. This interference gravelly affects the manner in which ordinary...

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The systematic Trend by Uganda Government to Conduct Open Online Surveillance is Alarming

Kampala, 31st/August/2017; Unwanted Witness Uganda is concerned about government’s increased investment in procuring surveillance equipment’s to conduct open surveillance on internet users, based on repressive cyber laws that negate the 1995 Uganda constitution, regional and International human rights legal framework. While Uganda is party to several International agreements that...

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Conducting uncensored surveillance on Ugandans by Chinese’ violates International privacy standards.

Kampala, 27th/07/2017; Unwanted Witness Uganda is appealing to the Chinese government to reconsider its support to government of Uganda geared towards reinforcing open surveillance on Internet users in the country without any safeguards. Unregulated Surveillance violates Citizens’ right to freedom of expression and privacy as well as International privacy...

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