Unwanted Witness Uganda calls for Investigation of ICT Minister to protect Parliament’s oversight mandate.

Kampala, 23rd/05/2017; the Unwanted Witness-Uganda is calling for an independent investigation into the misconduct and behavior of the minister for Information Communication Technology and national guidance, Frank Tumwebaze for disrespecting the institution of parliament. On 18th May 2017, parliament passed a motion extending SIM Card verification exercise for 1year to enable majority Ugandans acquire...

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Government’s intensified surveillance plot threatens civil liberties, says Unwanted Witness

Kampala, 4th/05/2017; The Unwanted Witness Uganda is opposed to government’s intensified surveillance scam without regulations to deter misuse and abuse by operators and individuals in charge of the gathered data. Uganda government has on several occasions been criticized for using spyware without guidelines, contrary to article 27 (2) of...

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Sharing Citizens’ Biometric data from National ID with telecom companies is intended to seal a plot for mass surveillance,

Press release;  Sharing Citizens’ Biometric data from National ID with telecom companies is intended to seal a plot for mass surveillance, says Unwanted Witness Uganda. Kampala, 19th/04/2017; Unwanted Witness Uganda has learnt that over 7million telecom subscribers have participated in SIM Card verification exercise since the 7day ultimatum issued...

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UCC Act compromises further the regulator’s independence

Passed amendment to UCC Act narrows space for freedom of expression both online and offline and compromises further the regulator’s independence, says the Unwanted Witness Kampala, 10th/04/2017; Unwanted Witness Uganda is dismayed by the recent move by parliament to amend section 93 (1) of the Uganda Communications Amendment Bill,...

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Sharing of the national identity card database with private telecoms is prone to abuse/misuse.

Kampala, 4th/04/2017; Unwanted Witness Uganda is greatly concerned by the recent move made by the government through its agencies to give telecom companies open access to citizens’ national ID database during subscribers’ SIM card verification process. Mandatory SIM Card registration commenced in 2013 with over 15 million subscribers registered...

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Enforcing SIM Card registration by Uganda’s regulator endangers citizens

Press release;  Enforcing SIM Card registration by Uganda’s regulator endangers citizens’ right to Anonymity, privacy and freedom of expression, says Unwanted Witness. Kampala, 29th/03/2017; the Unwanted Witness Uganda is concerned with Uganda Communications Commission’s (UCC) directive to reinforce the SIM Card registration exercise with total disregard to protection of...

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Post effects of #AIGPKaweesi Murder; citizens’ enjoyment of fundamental freedoms at the blink of degeneration

Kampala, 20th/03/2017; as the country continues to mourn the murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi and his juniors; the Unwanted Witness is concerned that fundamental freedoms are at risk of being battered with no exceptions. Since the gruesome murder of the Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Andrew Felix...

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President Museveni’s directive to roll out SPY cameras without an enabling law will endanger more lives

Kampala, 17th/03/2017; the Unwanted Witness Uganda is dismayed by president Museveni’s directive to install SPY cameras on major towns and highways without an enabling legal framework, warning that if the directive is implemented, more lives will be endangered. The directive follows the gruesome murder of the Assistant Inspector General...

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UG’s Most threatening Cyber laws to FOE & Privacy online named

Kampala, 18th/January/2017, As Uganda joins the rest of the world to commemorate international Internet freedom day, Unwanted Witness has named the worst and most threatening three (3) cyber laws to freedom of expression and privacy online in Uganda, calling for immediate review and amendment. Regulation of Interception of Communications...

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HRDs in Uganda fear for Govt’s persecution as a result of state secret surveillance

Kampala, 26/12/2016; Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) in Uganda’s capital, Kampala have expressed fear that Ugandan government is likely to retaliate as a result of their work due to state’s secret surveillance according to the Unwanted Witness Preliminary report on the Impact of surveillance to HRDs. Majority HRDs feared that...

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