Nebbi Blogger is receiving life-threatening messages

Nebbi, 14th/December/2016; information reaching the Unwanted Witness indicates that the leadership of Nebbi Diocese Church of Uganda is threatening a blogger in the district following publication of a blog implicating a priest at Paidha church of Uganda for indulging in alleged sexual relations with a teenager.

According to the blog published by Ngetha Media Association for Peace, the unmarried priest is using his position in church to seduce a High School teenager into a love affair. The teenager is also a church choir member. However, since the blog was published on 2nd December 2016 the blog administrator has been receiving threats from both the church and the Guardian of the student.

Robert Agenonga confirmed to having received messages via his Facebook account. “Delete the post before I begin on the due process, Robert you think you know everything, I will close you out,” reads the message.

However, when the Unwanted Witness contacted the guardian of the teenager Keenobe Rogers, he decline to comment.

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