Monitoring and documenting

While the 1995 constitution has been the guide to elucidating and guaranteeing various rights and fundamental freedoms, these have continuously become eroded as the NRM government seeks to entrench its stay in power even at the expense of limiting the enjoyment of various freedoms deemed empowering to the citizens to stand against the poor leadership.

These freedoms (Speech, expression, assembly, association, fair trail/ hearing, clean environment, democratic participation among others) have continued to shrink as government through its agencies resort to illegitimate restrictions on critical voices and actors standing up against impunity on a number of governance issues. In particular, individual human rights activists, and ordinary citizens risk arbitrary arrest, intimidation, threats and politically-motivated criminal charges for expressing views deemed by public authorities to be too critical or divergent, usually termed as anti developmental among others.

Not a single day of activism passes by without reports of activists having been attacked or denied enjoyment of rights by police or military officers. However its regrettable to not that the police and military are rarely held account for their infractions of fundamental rights and freedoms. Ironically, there are reports of police and military officers being promoted for committing despicable acts against activists and Ugandans.