If you must collect it, you must protect it!

The Data Protection and Privacy Act 2019 requires that company’s and organizations whose existence depend on people’s personal data should zealously protect such data in a bid to avoid misuse by third parties.

But time and again we have witnessed such data being shared or used for reasons other than for which the data was solicited for such as sending unsolicited messages on a mobile phone by organizations unknown to the phone user.

The question is, as much as it is illegal to send unsolicited messages to someone, do those in charge of protecting and securing our personal data care whether or not our personal data is misused. Despite the existence of the Data Protection and Privacy Act 2019, we have seen less or no apprehension of such organizations violating sections of the DPPA.

It’s a pity that we provide data pertaining to our National Identity cards, passports among others not knowing that the collector and processor intend to use it or share it with the third party.

Is our personal data really treated as personal in reality or it is only an empty promise to wood-wink us into providing the data? Do we even care to find out if an organization /institution has a data privacy policy before we surrender to them our details? How can organizations ensure that they adhere to the Data Protection Act 2019?

For this and more, join Unwanted Witness come 29th April during our virtual conference as we unpack the Data Protection and Privacy Policy 2019 and deliberate on the role of the stakeholders in giving a practical approach to ensuring accountability during data collecting and processing and what DPPA means to Data subjects, collectors, and Regulators. 

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