Word Games: What the NSA Means by “Targeted” Surveillance Under Section 702

We all know that the NSA uses word games to hide and downplay its activities. Words like “collect,” “conversations,” “communications,” and even “surveillance” have suffered tortured definitions that create confusion rather than clarity. There’s another one to watch: “targeted” v. “mass” surveillance. Since 2008, the NSA has seized tens of billions...

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White House LGBTQ Tech and Innovation Briefing addresses national issues

The country faces a plethora of issues that affect millions of people every day. Although there has been some progress as a society around pro-LGBTQ legislation and healthcare, there is a lot left to be done around poverty, criminal justice reform, federal statistics around LGBTQ people, youth solutions, mental health, the environment, education...

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New online tool reveals how the global surveillance industry is watching you

The global surveillance industry is a monstrous thing. Repressive regimes are now routinely acquiring powerful surveillance technology from private firms in democratic nations. In the United States, police bypass the security of private citizens’ cellphones using a handheld device produced more than 5,000 miles away in Israel. It’s a...

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Report of the Special Rapporteur on the promotion & protection of the right to freedom of opinion & expression

The private sector’s role in the digital age appears pervasive and ever-growing, a driving force behind the greatest expansion of access to information in history. Vast social media forums for public expression are owned by private companies. Major platforms aggregating and indexing global knowledge, and designing the algorithms that...

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New Report: FBI Can Access Hundreds of Millions of Face Recognition Photos

Originally Published at EFF According to the GAO Report, FBI’s Facial Analysis, Comparison, and Evaluation (FACE) Services unit not only has access to FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) face recognition database of nearly 30 million civil and criminal mug shot photos, it also has access to the State Department’s Visa and Passport...

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