Uganda’s poor human rights record negatively impacts on Kampala lawyer’s law suit in Ireland

Several reports published by both national and international rights groups have for years put Uganda government on spot for her consistent violation of citizens’ human rights especially the right to freedom of expression and assembly.

anonymous Tom voltaire Okwalinga alias TVO

The same incidents have continuously been captured and highlighted by the various local and international media outlets. However, on all occasions government has out rightly denied any wrong doing and always trashed recommendations made by human rights activists.

Although Uganda government had trashed the reports, they (reports) have been influential in judgment, in which a high court judge in Ireland Thursday flatly declined an application by Fred Muwema, a Kampala lawyer who sought an order to facebook, a social media company, reveal the identity of a blogger Tom Voltaire Okwalinga alias TVO.

Justice Donald Binchy said he could not in “conscience” order Facebook Ireland to reveal Okwalinga’s identity because he would put the latter’s bodily integrity or life under threat.

He based his decision on a report by Amnesty International on Uganda in regard to respect of human rights.

The judge said that the report he read, referred to the arrest and charging of people who spoke out against the Ugandan government which issues had been raised by facebook in opposing Muwema’s application.