Unwanted Witness together with the Ministry of Information Communication Technology and the Personal Data Protection Office Uganda, in partnership with Omidyar Network, Privacy International, and Digital Human Rights Lab is honored to host the 3rd edition of Privacy Symposium Africa 2021.

Privacy Symposium Africa is a unique platform established to attract, present, and discuss original research results, policy, and technology developments related to personal data protection and privacy, aiming at promoting discussions, collaboration, and knowledge exchange around privacy and data protection in Africa.

The 2021 Privacy Symposium Africa is scheduled to take place between 3rd – 5th November 2021 under the theme, “Data Protection: A New Dawn in Africa.” The Symposium will take a hybrid format. 

Personal data belonging to the majority of Africans remain a valuable commodity in the global market even when domestically, safeguards mechanisms are still terribly inadequate. So far 25 African countries out of 53, adopted laws and regulations to protect personal data, and the number is slowly rising.

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