Facebook Distances Itself From Marc Andreessen’s Statements On Free Basics

Marc Andreessen is having quite a contrite Wednesday. Andreessen, who currently sits on Facebook’s board, caused a stir last night with his online response to Indian Internet regulator TRAI nixing Facebook’s plans to implement its ‘Free Basics’ program in India. Updated with statement from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg below. He took...

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Learn the basics about all that creepy spy tech that police around the US are now using

The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s new Law Enforcement Technology Primer for Civilian Oversight Bodies is a short, easy-to-understand guide for non-technical people that explains the new surveillance technology that local law-enforcement agencies are increasingly relying upon, often in secret, and without any civilian oversight. These tools include mass-surveillance devices like Stingrays — cell-phone spying...

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Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg Regarding Internet.org, Net Neutrality, Privacy, and Security

Dear Mark Zuckerberg, We, the undersigned, share a common concern about the launch and expansion of Facebook’s Internet.org platform and its implications for the open Internet around the world. On that open Internet, all content, applications and services are treated equally, without any discrimination. We are especially concerned that access for...

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