Worldwide Internet, social media and mobile statistics: Dig into 183 pages of data

By , Wednesday, 8 Jan ’14 , 12:40pm

Now that there are 2.5 billion people — roughly one-third of the world’s population — online, it can be pretty tough to keep up with trends, figures and other data. Much of the information is out there, but it requires hours of vetting, editing and compiling to get it all in one place.

Thankfully that’s a task that We Are Social is up to, and it has started the year with a new series of its Internet data reports, which aggregate a range of statistics to help make some sense of what’s happening.

Included in this 183 page slide deck are details of how Facebook is ruling the world, chat apps are beating Twitter in Asia, Internet penetration is growing in Africa and Latin America, and more. This is definitely one for data nerds.