Uganda’s Airtel is sharing subscribers’ data with politicians for early campaigning ahead of 2016 general elections.

The campaigning message received by one of the subscribers of Airtel

Kampala, 7th /August/2015; As Uganda prepares for 2016 general elections, actors decry the miss-use of customers` personal information/ data by telecommunication companies

Airtel telecom company is sharing subscribers’ data and allowing a presidential hopeful to campaign using their mobile platform having accessed personal information and data to sending unsolicited messages. The messaging targeted over eight (8) million subscribers irrespective of being a member of the political party.

The messages send read in part:

“YK Museveni; Owing to NRM achievements especially bringing peace, the historical league & party structures seconded me to pick nomination forms for NRM chairman and presidential flag bearer 2016, with a mission of leading Uganda to a middle income country by 2019. My fellow Ugandans, join me on this great and rewarding journey. Thank you for the support and trust.

Yoweri K. Museveni”,

Airtel Uganda now places a charge fee of 220/= (two hundred & twenty Uganda shillings) on any disgruntled customer who wishes to opt out of the scum. These actions are illegal and need to be investigated by the Uganda Communications Commission (the regulator)

Airtel Uganda just like other telecom companies on behalf of the Ugandan government collected its subscribers’ personal information/data during the mandatory SIM Card registration that started in 2012. This information/ data has remained in the hands of operating telecom companies with no known legal and policy framework that would guarantee its protection and security .

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