Internet Rights & Principles Coalition



Welcome to the dedicated website for the Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet and related 10 Rights and Principles for Internet governance. Both of these initiatives have been developed by the Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition (IRP), an open network of individuals and organisations working to uphold human rights in the Internet environment.

You can use this site to download the 10 Internet Rights and Principles – a set of international standards that must be upheld in order to protect and advance human rights online. Use the flyer to raise awareness and push policy makers to make human rights a cornerstone of Internet governance.

You can also participate in the development of the Charter. This goes into more depth than the Principles, applying international human rights standards to the Internet and examining the roles that different stakeholders need to play to uphold them. We’ve already drafted a beta version of the Charter. We’re now actively seeking your comments and contributions to make sure that we’ve covered all of the issues in the right way. You can use this site to comment on each article, as well as to make more general comments. Please do get involved – we all need to work together to build an Internet that is truly empowering and liberating for all of humankind.