Youth to youth Fund

As we aim at fostering an enterprising youth movement in Kampala through  ICT, Unwanted Witness tapped into the ICT graduates who have gone through and continue to go through the it` s internship placement program that takes over 5 youths quarterly and training them with practical ICT innovative skills. Youth Unemployment rate in Uganda is currently at 62% well known and presents an altogether worsening situation likely to become a source of instability.
Through the Y2Y fund of being implemented by HUYSLINCI  ” the Unwanted Witness is reaching about 20 youths with various ICT skills in innovative job creation. The individual youths comprising of software developers, web designers among others were selected to benefit in the project. The said youth persons are creating ICT jobs for themselves and using their formed groups or companies to create more jobs for their fellow youths.

The said youth beneficiaries are dis-advantaged ICT unemployed graduates youth aged between 25-30 years. Who are extremely vulnerable in the labor market and this has been attributed to their low-level of job-related experience, lack of capital & entrepreneurial skills which has a long-term impact such as poverty, long-term dependency on family members & alienation hence exclusion from the society.

These were pooled into 5 (five) groups of 4 (four) each hence establishing 5 (Five) new youth businesses employing the said 4 (four) individuals hence creating a total of 20 new direct jobs in the ICT sector/ industry.

For more information about the youth employment scheme please visit and view testimonies from the beneficiaries.