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The eNGO project; taking “the Civil Society” online
The eNGO is a national intervention program in Uganda that strives to empower civil society Organizations especially Non Government Organisations (NGOs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOS) creating a virtual identity and increase their visibility for national and global outreach.
Supported by The Finnish NGO foundation (KIOS) eNGO project is a joint effort of the Unwanted Witness (UW), Digital Empowerment Foundation India (DEF) and Public Interest Registry (PIR) to empower grassroots organizations in Uganda. It seeks to introduce civil society organizations to various ICT platforms. The project aims at providing web-enabled platforms through the provision of free websites, domain names, and providing capacity building.

Civil society organizations working at both grassroots and national level are the second largest information depots after the government bodies in Uganda today, especially when it comes to having a rich repository of information about the bottom of the pyramid of Uganda society. Although there’s no clear statistics about the registered NGOs and CBOs in Uganda some sources indicate that there are more than 10,000 NGOs and CBOs operating in Uganda working in areas of; Service Delivery, Human Rights and Governance, Environment and Natural Resources, Gender, Equity and Social Inclusion, Faith-Based and Development, Conflict resolution and Peace Building and Social and Economic Development. However, more than 70% of them lack a virtual identity and do not even have a basic webpage. Thereby, remaining unknown and failing to earn the much required appreciation and benefit from external sources that could boost their core functioning. In addition, most of the grassroots NGOs also lack basic ICT tools and skills for organizational efficiency and seamless communication.
The eNGO project is established to help address the dearth of information content issues in Uganda’s poor digital economy by tapping these grassroots institutions that have readily available content but, lack the means in projecting the same. Besides, the eNGO project also works towards building capacity of NGOs to use ICT tools and also conduct training workshops for the same.

Who’s our target;

  • Both national and grassroots civil society and community based organisations active in Uganda who are in dire need of a visible virtual identity and presence for global and national outreach;
  • National and grassroots civil society organisations who want to reach out to maximum stakeholders beyond their immediate community;
  • Communities wanting to utilize modern ICT infrastructure to join the global networking forum for connectivity linkages;
  • Community based organisations, that are cost strapped to avail a range of web services at an affordable cost with customised solutions.

Benefits of the eNGO project
The eNGO Network offers a range of services that are meant to enhance the capabilities and knowledge of member organizations to strengthen their overall efficiency and effectiveness. eNGO Network provides opportunity to its members to attend and participate in various workshops, conferences, discussing on a broad range of issues. They can utilize the eNGO Network as a platform to showcase their activities, share experiences and challenges and extend their outreach with like minded NGOs, national and international agencies and volunteers.
Most importantly, the eNGO Project provides capacity-building and knowledge support to grass root organizations to which the Unwanted Witness seeks o undertake interventions using ICT and digital media tools for overall organizational development benefiting the societies to a larger extent.

To accomplish these ends, the eNGO Project provides services through the following;

Free & Unlimited Web & Social Media Services:
Registered grassroots NGOs/VOs/CBOs/SHGs are entitled to have free web services such as interactive and with unlimited number of web-pages, independent domain names, modern designs, social media pages, email ids, blogs, online donations and many more.
All organizations interested are called upon to download and fill the form below.