Ugandan Journalist faces Death as punishment for social media posting.

Kasese, November 1st, 2016; A Ugandan Journalist working with KTN based in Kenya, Joy Doreen Biira and four others are facing death as punishment if found guilty of abetting terrorism through online publication.

The charge follows Biira’s arrest on Sunday 27th with four others for allegedly filming military raid on Rwenzururu palace and sharing images on Instagram and other social media platforms. They were released on Monday evening, the 28th.November.2016 from police custody after police preferred charges of abetting terrorism against them.

On Sunday the 27th, the Rwenzururu Kingdom based in Kasese district, western Uganda bordering with DR. Congo experienced clashes between the army, the police and royal guards resulting in the gross violation of human rights that include; killing of over 60 people in cold blood with victims’ arms tied behind their backs and the palace set ablaze.

Biira is the first Netizen to be charged with abetting terrorism and once found guilty; she will suffer death punishment as per the Anti Terrorism Act, 2002. Part III, 8 of the act state that “any person who aids or abets or finances or harbours, or renders support to any person, knowing or having reason to believe that the support will be applied or used for or in connection with the preparation or commission or instigation of acts of terrorism commits an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to suffer death.”

Biira and others are required to report back to Kasese police on 8th December 2016.