Internet freedom day poem


Your most trusted friend

To him you whisper your darkest and warmest thoughts

And he embraces them all, never turning you away.

He tires of nothing.

Through him and to him you communicate, you store all that is dearest to you

He’s your notebook, your diary, ever present

He’s like second skin to you

And he will serve them all, as he has served you.

He knows no master.


Beyond borders, he spins tales,

And like a guitar, whoever knows how, will play him to perfection.

He knows no boundaries, and he knows all things,

Taking all you offer, for your safekeeping,

But he might sell your soul to the highest bidder.

For he knows no master, being no master of his own self,

Dancing to every tune.


The internet will take you all places

You will think yourself fortunate

Closing your door to whisper your darkest secrets through your phone

Take heed, walls have ears, and walls do talk

Your phone has a maker; your internet has an inventor

In a moment whoever can play the game as good as you

Will unravel all those concealed layers


And where you have felt safe, you will be hounded, hunted and haunted

For every moment you spend on those gadgets,

You’re selling yourself to anyone genius enough

To use them to hurt you

For the gadgets, the networks,

They are everyone’s friend, and everyone’s enemy.