Yes To Compliance

<h3>Yes To Compliance</h3>

<p class=”big”>During the #DataPrivacyWeek of 2022, we moderated an online campaign dubbed #YesToCompliance that encouraged data protectors and data processors to respect the privacy rights of the data subjects.</p>
<p class=”big”> We collaborated with other stakeholders in the civic space such as Digital Human Rights Lab (DHRLab), Barefoot Law, and Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET). The campaign also sought to encourage Ugandans to stand up for the right to privacy by encouraging data processors and collectors to comply with the data protection and privacy policies.</p>
<p class=”big”> The campaign integrated a series of descriptive illustrations, radio talk shows, and TV shows to publicize the messages to the public.

<p class=”big”><a href=”″>Click here to view the campaign highlights </a></p>