Mubende district is located in the central part of Uganda and like most of Ugandan districts; it was named after its chief town, Mubende. The district is also believed to be among the oldest districts in Uganda having been established around 1905 by colonial rulers. The 2014 national population census put the district population at 46,921 people of whom 50.3% were male and 49.7% were female with an annual population growth rate of 3.6%. The district’s land coverage is 4,620 square Kilometers having agriculture as the main economic activity with particular emphasise on food crops.  DSC_0307

Most of the land in Mubende is public land while very few individuals and institutions have land titles. Peasants who are the majority occupants on this land had not realized the importance of having titled land; as a result, the rich and elites of the district connive with the district land board and other relevant organs to acquire land titles of huge chucks of land at the back of native communities occupying the same land.

The findings of this investigations are published in the Observer 23/05/2016. or please follow link to read more:


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