George William    Mugwanya

Former employee of Kaweeri Coffee plantation Limited has drugged the company to court on accusation of breach of contract. Kaweri Coffee Plantation is manned by Neumann Gruppe of company a German based company operates in Madudu Sub County in Mubende district which company evicted thousands of people from the land on which it’s located in late 1990s.

Mr Kyeyune David Innocent who was the section manage filled a civil suit at Mubende Magistrate court against Kaweri Coffee Plantation Limited seeking for compensation of the damages caused during the period of suspension and also pay his salaries as                      stated in the appointment letters.

On 5thth January 2010 Kaweri Coffee plantation wrote a suspension letter to Mr Kyeyune David Innocent signed by the company administrator Mr E.A Ssali terminating his appointment as a section manager at the same firm suspecting him to have involved in fraud and forgery related crimes in December 2010, and the company had lost trust in him. The letter dated 05th January 2010 reads “Following the fraud and forgery you were involved to cheat workers in your division in December 2010, this company has no more trust in you. We are left with no alternative but to dismiss you according to the terms and conditions of your service with effect from 1st January 2010”.

In this civil suit filed the petitioner seeks an injection on his suspension which states incidences occurred in December 2010 a month which is eleven months ahead wondering how a morally upright mind accusing him. The accusation alleges involving in cheating workers in his division but does not disclose the gravity of the cheating and as a division supervisor employed for supervisory duties has no involvement in paying workers, the black mail does not disclose how this is applicable.

The allegations refers to a group, it states “fraud and forgery you were involved” but does not disclose the rest of the group which the petitioner terms as defamatory. This petition however prays to court to re-instate Kyeyune David Innocent as a honest company employee in the same division. The letter alleges malicious defamation to which endangers his curriculum vitea, he prays to court to absolve this termination letter and pay his court costs spent in the due process.

Before the matter was referred to court several amicable steps were taken by the district Labor senior officer Mr Benedict Baraza who contacted the company over the matter on 15th.January 2010 and the company never showed up to resolve the issues. The case is before the Mubende Chief Magistrate Her Lordship Sarah Mpoye and set for hearing on 23rd.April.2014, Kaweri Coffee is represented by Rezida Nangwala and Company Advocates. The Company still has a pending compensation claim of Ugsh 37 Billion to 2041 people constituting to 401 families from four villages of Kitemba, Luwunga, Kiryamakobe and Kijumba in Madudu Sub County as instructed in the court order issued by High court in Kampala dated 28th March 2013. In December 2013 the same employees went on rampage over delayed salaries and failed improved working conditions and in an exchange of fire and tear gas company properties were damaged and one person was fired dead.



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