One person has sustained serious injuries and 14 others arrested as land owners protesting government’s plans of forceful land eviction, engaged in running battles with Police in Kyegegwa district.

The injured is identified as Tulyabwe Yorakimu (57yrs) who together with other land owners carried placards demanding that government respects the locals’ land rights since land is their only source of livelihood.

57 years old Turyabwe explaining how it all happened.

57 years old Turyabwe explaining how it all happened.

Over 20 police officers led by Kyegegwa district police commander Jorum Tubanone trounced on protesters at Kazinga trading center arresting several of them.

Government wants to displace 9600 households from 8 square miles covering 23 villages and 2 sub counties in Kyegegwa district. It is believed that government is evicting communities under the guise of resettling refugees from Sango bay refugee camp.

Kyegegwa residents protesting government evictions.

Kyegegwa residents protesting government evictions.

However, article 29 of the 1995 Uganda constitution calls for adequate, prompt and fair compensation of land owners prior to land acquisition. Currently government has intentions of amending this provision to enable government to acquire private land before compensation. This move has been widely criticized by Ugandans who view it as legalizing land grabbing.


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