A land wrangle involving an Asian investor and the native community of Bukoba village, Nalutuntu sub county in Mubende district has left 15 people nursing serious injuries and 28 households homeless after unknown arsonists set their houses ablaze in the night when everyone was asleep.

 According to residents, the arsonists are alleged to have been armed and dressed in army uniforms. They invaded the village at 2:00am, fired bullets in the air before pouring petrol on the houses and setting them on fire.

Sekitende joseph expalining how his house was burnt down

Sekitende Joseph explaining how his house was burnt down

 “Three armed men forced their way into our house, dragged my husband from the bed while others poured petrol all over the house and started the fire. In the process my husband sustained burns as he tried to rescue our six children from the burning house,” narrated a homeless Demitirewo Mukandayiro.

The natives are accusing the Asian investor, Alam Abid for using the army to forcefully grab their land. This land conflict between the natives and the investor started in 2006 when over one thousand people were evicted from five square miles’ piece of land and given to Abid for allegedly sugar can growing.

But in 2015, during election campaigns, the former prime minister Gilbert Bukenya reinstated the evicted families.

According to wamala region police spokesperson, Ochomu Nobert, investigations have started to net the culprits. He however declined to comment on the presence of the men in army uniforms.

Meanwhile Kasanda south member or parliament Semwo Nsubuga, confirmed that the contested land was offered to the veterans by the president during 2015 campaigns and condemned the acts arsonists.


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